6 Ways To Prepare For The Recording Studio

Hi Noita Fam!

Preparing for the studio is key to having a smooth and valuable recording session. Recording music is supposed to be a fun process, but when it’s time to get down to business, it’s important to go through protocols to ensure that you’re doing your best work. In this video, you'll learn tips as to how you can have a successful recording session whether you're a beginner or experienced artist.

Jesse Weiman has operated his own recording studio for over 10 years prior to partnering with Nolita Studios. Through his experience, he has found that these methods have helped artists immensely before they step into our studio.

Learn the 6 ways as to how you can prepare for the recording studio in our video below!


1. Set a goal before each recording session

What do you plan to do at your recording session? Are you recording vocals? Are you doing pre-production? Are your songwriting? Be very clear on what you are trying to accomplish in the recording session and convey that with your audio engineer or producer.

2. Keep appointments, show up on time and come prepared

It’s important to show up for scheduled recording sessions and to show up on time. It kills the momentum of a session when artists show up late. Showing up on time really sets a tone that the artist is a serious professional.

Arrive to every recording session prepared and warmed up, and have chord charts and lyrics ready. Bring water and be ready to work. When you are working with professionals in the music industry you want to make sure you are on time and prepared so you are respecting other people’s time.

3. Bring healthy Snacks

When you are an artist or a singer, you’ll want to maintain your energy by bringing healthy snacks and water to the studio. Eating junk food like McDonalds before a recording session is a very bad idea. As good as it may taste at the time, you’ll feel it later because of the high sodium. Have a light lunch, and stick with proteins like chicken and fish. For snacks, bring apples, eggs, rice, salads or green veggies. Stay away from bananas, dairy products, nuts and fried food. These foods create a lot of mucus and they can potentially bother your throat.

4. Make sure all your songwriting and instrument writing is done before you hit the studio

Working in the studio is not cheap, and I have seen many artists in my years waste time and money because they prepare before coming to the studio. Make sure you have your lyrics memorized, or bring lyrics and chords sheets, and come practiced and prepared to give a great performance. If you are an artist who uses beats or instrumental tracks, come to the studio with the tracks on a USB stick or hard drive. Or e-mail it to the music producer or audio engineer ahead of time. It kills the momentum of a session when artists don’t arrive prepared. The more prepared you are, the better time you will have in the recording studio.

5. Arrive with a fun confident positive attitude

Nothing is worse than working with an artist who has a giant ego or pretentious attitude. Or on the other side, they have no confidence and they get way too down on themselves when they make a mistake. When you’re in the studio, come to have fun! Keep in mind that having extreme mood changes can create an uncomfortable setting at a recording session. The studio is a place you should come to work yet have fun!

6. Aim for excellence

Remember, the point of recording a song with a music producer in a studio is to make the best song you can. Use every tool you can to achieve the sound you want, and don’t be afraid to try new things! Part of the goal is to create a product that can be listened to a 1000 times and be enjoyed. You should always be trying to make your best work every time you go into the recording studio. Also, when you’re in the studio, make sure your voice is heard. It is important to express your needs and to speak up if you’re not liking something. Being quiet and not saying what you like or dislike will not help your product and will just confuse the people you are working with.

Working in the studio is a lot of fun and can be a great way to create lots of amazing memories. I personally like to have a very relaxed environment in the studio. I think it's important to come prepared but it’s also important to have a positive and fun working environment. You don't get good results if you’re stressed, uncomfortable and scared in the studio. I always make sure all my clients feel great every time they come into our recording studio.

If you have any questions, please send us an email, message us on our Facebook Page or DM us on Instagram. We’d love to work with you and have you be a part of the #NolitaFam.

Jesse Weiman