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Filming Jessica Kelly's "Here I Am" Music Video
Day 1 filming Jessica Kelly’s music video “Here I Am”

Day 1 filming Jessica Kelly’s music video “Here I Am”

Day 2 filming Jessica Kelly’s music video “Here I Am”


Create a contrasting music video that showcases Jessica’s realness and authenticity as an artist.


“Here I Am”, written by Jessica Kelly and Dahlia Fernandes, is a song about a deep love and connection between mother and daughter.


“Here I Am” is the first music video that I filmed, directed and produced for Jessica Kelly. We incorporated contrasting elements in this video such as light vs. dark, and moving vs. stationary movements. When Jessica’s family approached us to film a music video for her debut single, we were overly ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get started! We really enjoyed working with Jessica and her family, especially after seeing how supportive her family is. It’s amazing working with like-minded individuals.

Jessica practicing her routine at Pure Energy Dance Co. with the backup dancers (Gabby, Emma & Sydney)

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Jessica

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Jessica

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Jessica


We initially had the idea of filming at three locations, but as we kept planning the concept, we decided it was best to film at two locations while using the “less is more” approach.

I’ve always wanted to film a music video that had dancers, so I pitched the idea to Jessica and her family. Jessica was very open to the idea, even though she had no dancing background! She was extremely dedicated and learned the choreography in a month. We were so impressed! We even hired the same dance teacher that I had growing up (Karrie-Ann @ Pure Energy). It was nostalgic going back to my old dance studio where I was a student, and now being a professional filmmaker, working alongside my dance instructor.

The music video was filmed at The Sweat Shoppe and The Movement YXE. The owners of both locations were very accommodating, friendly, and made sure that we were all comfortable. I scouted both places before booking them to see if the locations were going to fit what I saw in my head. Luckily, everything did!

Jessica wore 3 different outfits: dark jeans with an olive green off-the-shoulder top, light blue jeans with a cerulean blue off-the-shoulder top, and black leggings with a black t-shirt. The ‘coloured’ outfits were worn at The Sweat Shoppe. The studio has a dark and warm ambiance so I wanted to ‘lighten up’ the mood by including calm and cool colours (green & blue). The Movement YXE has a light and airy feel to the space, so I wanted Jessica and the back-up dancers to balance the space by wearing all black.

Since the song is called, “Here I Am”, we decided to give the girls a natural make-up look to give the video an authentic and real vibe.


  1. Location Scouting: We thought about filming at three locations, but I’m happy that we chose to film at two locations instead. I think if we added another location in the mix, it would have made the concept a bit confusing. Since we planned for this video in advance, we were able to secure the locations ahead of time, so that was a major win!

  2. Extras: We worked with two incredible back-up dancers from Pure Energy Dance Co. It can be challenging having a specific criteria when looking for an extended cast, but Karrie-Ann found the perfect dancers for Jessica’s video! I made sure that they were about the same age and height as Jessica. Emma and Gabby had a great attitude the entire time and ran through the routine countless times without complaint.

  3. Lighting: Typically our music video shoots are dependant on natural light. However, I was able to use my large, artificial video light at both of the locations. The Movement YXE had large, beautiful windows which worked really well for the video. We filmed the video during the day at The Movement YXE to keep the natural lighting consistent.

  4. Location Set-Up: Set-up didn’t take long at all. Mike (the owner of The Sweat Shoppe), was awesome and had the studio set-up before we got there. This saved us a lot of time when it came to setting up our own video equipment. As for The Movement YXE, we needed to move the reformers out of the space and into another room, but that didn’t take very long to do.

“Here I Am” music video still

“Here I Am” music video still

“Here I Am” music video still

“Here I Am” music video still

“Here I Am” music video still

I can’t say enough good things about this video shoot. I was over the moon with the whole process. As always, I learn something new at every video shoot. This was my first time filming dancers and it was so much fun! My dance lessons paid off since I was able to communicate with the dancers using my previously learned dance terminology/lingo. I’m proud to be able to work with aspiring artists like Jessica. We’re very excited to continue working with her in the future. Be on the lookout for 3 cover videos and another original music video this year!

You can purchase “Here I Am” by Jessica Kelly on iTunes by clicking here or clicking on the photo below.

Click on the photo to purchase Jessica Kelly’s song, “Here I Am” on iTunes!!

Click on the photo to purchase Jessica Kelly’s song, “Here I Am” on iTunes!!



Song written by Jessica Kelly, Trina Greene & Dahlia Fernandes
Music video filmed, directed and produced by Nolita Studios
Recorded / produced by Roy Hamilton III
Photography in blog post: Nolita Studios
Key Makeup Artist: Joanna Tran
Hair styling: Joanna Tran
Locations: The Sweat Shoppe and The Movement YXE
Choreographer: Karrie-Ann at Pure Energy Dance Co.
Dancers: Emma, Gabby & Sydney

Thanks for reading! Check out Jessica Kelly’s music video, “Here I Am” below.