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How to Prepare for a Music Video shoot

I know it can feel overwhelming when you’re a DIY artist who has to plan a budget-friendly music video, but it doesn’t always have to feel that way. That’s why I’ve whipped up 12 tips as to how you can prepare for a music video shoot! Having these tips will definitely make life easier, so if you want to see more blogs like this, be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to our website for more updates.

 So without further adieu, let’s get on with the tips!

1. Visualize the concept

When you’re planning a music video, it’s important to visualize what your music video is going to look like. If this isn’t your strong suit, I strongly recommend watching music videos of some of your favourite artists. From there, create a mood/inspirational board that includes things like wardrobe, hair, makeup, colours, locations, word references, and anything that captures a certain mood for your video.

It’s always helpful when an artist presents a mood board to us. It helps us get a sense of who you are as an artist, your taste and what you like and don’t like.

2. Plan ahead for your music video release

I can’t emphasize this enough, but it’s important to plan your music video release date around your single release date. For instance, you just finished a song in the recording studio and you want to release it NOW because you’re just so excited!!! But, a good question to ask yourself is: when are you planning on releasing your music video? At the same time as your single release? Or two weeks after? Or one month after? If that’s the case, have you booked your videographer yet? What about the rest of your team (ex: hair stylist, make-up artist, wardrobe stylist)? Securing a filming date ahead of time will make your team less stressed, and it also ensures the availability of each team member. It sounds really simple, but trust me, I’ve worked with a lot of artists where they put all their time and energy into their music, but when it’s time to make a proper release, they forget to plan everything else.

My advice is to plan your music video at least 2 months ahead of time, that way you’ll have more time to secure locations, find extra cast, and you’ll be able to book your makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist in advance. Or start planning your music video before your song is complete! It’s not fun working on a rushed project. It’s best to give your video producer and editor more time to plan and edit the video. Sometimes video editors have a long turnaround time, so it’s important to plan for that as well.

3. Establish your budget

Music videos can range from very low to very high costs. It’s a good idea to tell your videographer what type of budget you have right away so that they can help you plan the concept around your budget. These are some things to think about: Do you want extra cast members in your music video like backup dancers or actors? How many locations are you filming at? How long is it going to take to film your music video at these locations? How many outfits do you need for each location? How many props do you need? How much does everything cost? These are things to keep in mind when you’re planning the budget of your music video.

4.  Secure your team

At Nolita Studios, we personally love working with a team because it helps us work faster and more efficiently. Music videos are very creative work, and you’ll want to give your team ample time to think about how they can execute your vision for your music video as best as they can.


If you’re required to sing/perform/play instruments in your music video, you’ve got to practice! This means, memorize the lyrics to your song, and practice singing and moving/dancing to your song. I highly advise practicing in front of a mirror because you’ll get a sense of what you’ll look like on camera.

I’ve been filming music videos for awhile now, and I’ve showed up to music video shoots where the artist or band is practicing their song on the day of the shoot. This is a big no-no!!!! Your videographer will not be impressed because you’ll be wasting your time and their time on the shoot. If you’re not well rehearsed, it could cost you more money because it’ll take longer to edit your singing/playing parts, and it could hurt the final product of the video.  

6. Wardrobe Style

Create a Pinterest board or inspirational board with looks that you want for your music video. For instance, if you’re filming a video for a slow song, would you want to wear muted colours? Or If you’re going to be filming an upbeat song, are you going to wear fun and crazy colours? What is your hair going to look like? Your chosen wardrobe style should match the concept of your music video.

7. Secure your props

Props are used in music videos for symbolic reasons. Again, I always say this, but if you need specific props for your music video, you have to plan for that ahead of time. I’ve had instances where artists order props very last minute, and their props didn’t arrive on time. I highly recommend getting your props ready a couple weeks before your scheduled music video shoot.

8. Secure your locations

Thinking about your set is important. You can have the best outfit, hair and make-up, but if your set looks like garbage or it doesn’t have anything to do with the concept; your location can make or break your video. Keep in mind that your location will set the whole tone for your music video.

9. Secure extra cast

Finding extras can be challenging, so if you need extras in your music video, I suggest asking your friends and/or family first. If that doesn’t work, put a call-out on all of your social media outlets. Your call-out should include vital information like, what day is the shoot? What clothes are they supposed to wear? What does their hair and make-up need to look like? Are they getting paid? Having quality cast to work with will make a huge difference in your final video. 

10. Communicate with your videographer

Music videos are typically done in one day, so there’s a lot of preparation that goes into it. Depending on the artist’s budget, sometimes they’re in charge of planning the whole concept of the video. If you’re in charge of planning your whole music video, your videographer will most likely ask you a bunch of questions to see how things are going. However, if you take weeks to get back to them, there’s a slight chance that the video production will not go smoothly. Your videographer is supposed to help you plan the video, but if you’re not communicating with your videographer accordingly, it could really pause the whole production of the shoot. It’s okay to tell them that you haven’t secured locations, or found extras, outfits, etc, they just need to know where you’re at in case they need to step in to help you.

11. Be mindful of everyone’s time

Music videos run on a tight schedule. It’s important to be considerate and respectful of your team’s time because they may need to get to other gigs or appointments on the same day as your shoot. There’s a lot of moving pieces in a production, and if you’re not on time, it could really affect the production of your music video.

12. Be well-rested and hydrated on the day of your shoot

Music video shoots involve very long days. Sometimes I shoot videos for 12 hours with a couple of breaks. You have to keep your energy levels up throughout the whole day by having a good night’s rest, eating properly, and being well-hydrated. I recommend bringing energy drinks (it works for me), and bringing snacks like granola bars and protein bars to keep yourself well-fed throughout the whole day.

I hope this information helps! Overall, music videos are a lot of fun. I’ve filmed over 20 music videos this year, and each one has gotten easier to plan and film as I gained more experience with the production process. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or reach us on our website, Facebook and/or Instagram. We’d love to have you be a part of the Nolita Family!

Chat soon!
Andrea from Nolita Studios

The Filming of Lisa Moen's Music Video "Tell Me"
Group photo with Lisa Moen & Garth Howell

Group photo with Lisa Moen & Garth Howell

Group photo with the entire team

Group photo with the entire team


To digress from a typical country-style music video and to show Lisa Moen’s elegant side.


The song is about a woman who’s in love and in a relationship, but the relationship is on its last leg. The singer (Lisa Moen) and guitar player (Garth Howell) perform the song in a classy lounge-type setting.


“Tell Me” is the second music video that I filmed, directed and produced for Lisa Moen; Country Girls Rock and Roll was the first music video we worked on together. I was excited to be the videographer for this music video as it had a completely different aesthetic than Country Girls Rock and Roll. She wanted the video to have a glam style theme, and she worked very hard to make it all happen! Lisa lined up the dresses, the makeup team, the extras, the location, the roses… you name it. One of the amazing things about Lisa is that she knows how to get things done.


The video shoot was inspired by Lisa’s photo shoot with Joi Photography at Solar Gardens. We wanted to replicate the concept by shooting the video at the same location, while wearing a dress that looked similar to the photos.

We filmed the video during Solar Gardens’ off-season so they were very flexible with our start and ends times. It was my first time filming at Solar Gardens, so the first thing I did was scout the area. I was able to film the entire video in one room which usually never happens!

Lisa wore two different dresses, a gold v-neck glitter dress and a black strapless heart-shaped dress. We paired the gold dress with warm lighting, and the black dress with cool lighting. I learned and implemented different lighting techniques for this video, and I’m happy with how the lighting turned out. All the men (including Garth) were required to wear suits and light make-up, and the women (except Lisa) wore cocktail dresses and left their hair down.

I always come to music video shoots with a plan. If you’ve worked with me before, you already know that I schedule out scenes “to-a-T”. As a videographer, it’s very important to come prepared because we’re only allowed to be in a location for a set amount of hours, and it’s important to be respectful of everyone’s time.

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Lisa

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Lisa

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Lisa

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Lisa

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Lisa

Behind the scenes photo of Andrea filming Lisa


  1. Location Scouting: We initially thought about filming the music video at the Bessborough, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. Luckily, we had a lot of time to find and secure a location that would suit the aesthetic of our mood board (ie: glam make-up/hair/dresses/suits, unique details, etc.)

  2. Extras: Working with 10+ extras can be challenging, especially since I’m only 5’-3” and my voice can only yell so loud. However, this was one of the smoothest video shoots I’ve had because the extras were AMAZING - they were very respectful, friendly and listened when I spoke.

  3. Lighting: Since we filmed the video at the end of December 2018, we could only use natural light for a short amount of time. In addition, the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds and the sun wasn’t facing towards the windows either. Luckily, we only needed to use natural light for one scene, and it didn’t take us very long to film it.

  4. Location Set-Up: Setting up locations can take a lot of time. For instance, we had to move some furniture around to make enough room for our equipment. The room that we filmed in was quite narrow, which allowed us to move a lot of the unused furniture to the back of the room.

“Tell Me” music video still

“Tell Me” music video still

“Tell Me” music video still

“Tell Me” music video still

“Tell Me” music video still

“Tell Me” music video still

Overall, “Tell Me” was an exciting video to work on. I always learn something new at every video shoot, and that’s one of the things that I love most about my job. This music video is completely Saskatchewan-made, and I’m very proud to work with artists like Lisa. It’s always a pleasure working with her and her team, and I’m excited to continue working with her on future projects.


Song written by Lisa Moen and Garth Howell
Music video filmed, directed and produced by Nolita Studios
Recorded / produced by Bart McKay
Photo thumbnail: Joi Photography
Makeup in photo: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz from Green Tree Beauty
Hair in photo: Shades by Shae
Location: Solar Gardens in Saskatchewan
Dresses: Exquisite Fashions & Bridal
Key Makeup Artist: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz Green Tree Beauty
Assistant Make-up artists: Cheyeanna Tourand, Kayli Weatherbee, Darah Bubnick
Hair: Lesley Kotyk
Tan: Bronzed by Brittani - Saskatoon
Flowers: Michelle's Flowers
Extras: John Brown, Matthew Turple, Connor Graham, Justin Ruf, Chad Ward, Chantelly Lace, Rhonda Fischer, Stacey Higgins, Amanda Fogen, Darah Bubnick, Cheyeanna Tourand and Jonathan Theriault

Thanks so much for reading! Check out Lisa Moen’s music video, “Tell Me” below.