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Filming Ginelle James' "When The Music Stops" Music Video

Portrait of Ginelle James on the set of “When The Music Stops”

Group photo taken after filming the bar scenes at 9 Mile Legacy

Group photo taken after filming the bar scenes at 9 Mile Legacy


To create a simple yet aesthetically pleasing music video that involves elements of darkness, loneliness, and whimsical emotions.


Ginelle James’ single, “When The Music Stops” comes from a quiet, deeper and darker place than her other singles. Melodically, the song has a lighter sound to contrast the isolated feelings that are presented in the lyrics.


“When The Music Stops” is the second music video that I filmed, directed and produced for Ginelle James! Ginelle and I worked together last year on her first lyric video, “Last Call” which was SO much fun! For Last Call, Ginelle allowed me to exercise my creativity and I was overjoyed with the final result of her lyric video.

 The same thing happened with “When The Music Stops” – I really appreciated that Ginelle trusted my creative vision! I really took the time to make sure that the lighting and overall mood of the video was on point with the concept of the song. Ginelle lined up the hair stylists, the make-up artist, and the locations. She literally made everything happen! Ginelle’s an incredibly hard worker and her work ethic was very evident during the entire planning process.

Behind The Scenes photo of Melissa (Owner of Sage The Beauty Bar) applying make-up on Ginelle

Behind The Scenes photo of Melissa (Owner of Sage The Beauty Bar) applying make-up on Ginelle

The Process

Typically when I start working with artists on a brand new music video concept, I always ask, “What do you see in your music video”? I love collaborating, and to me it’s important that I include the main artist’s vision. Asking these types of questions helps me get into their head.

 From our initial meeting, we decided to hire a contemporary dancer to further communicate all of the various emotions that are in the song. The main focus is on the dancer since she is the main actress in the video, while Ginelle focused on the singing parts only.

I love filming dancers. There’s something about capturing their raw emotions on camera that make me so excited when I’m filming and directing. Again, we worked with choreographer Karrie-Ann from Pure Energy who was also my dance teacher growing up.

The music video was filmed at Sage The Beauty Bar and 9 Mile Legacy. The owners of both locations were incredibly accommodating, friendly, and just all-around very nice! I haven’t officially filmed at either of these locations, but I was very happy with the aesthetic of both places.

Sage The Beauty Bar has a chic, modern, light, airy and stunning interior. 9 Mile Legacy has a rustic, darker, modern and beautiful space. I give Ginelle mad props for securing these locations – I was really happy that the spaces perfectly balanced out the lightness and darkness of each other. Both of the locations mostly have raw materials, which accentuates the dancer’s raw emotions and moods. 

Since Ginelle’s artist branding is very sophisticated and chic, it was important to me that the visuals in the music video enhanced her artistry.

Behind The Scenes photo of Andrea filming the dancer (Carolyn)

Behind The Scenes photo of Andrea filming the dancer (Carolyn)


  1. Location Scouting: Finding locations can have its challenges, only because the venues may only be open on certain days that may not work for everyone involved in the shoot. But since we planned this video so far in advance, we were able to move dates around and communicate with our team to ensure that everyone was available on the day of the shoot.

  2. Extras: The main dancer (Carolyn McDonald) is incredible. She was very professional and easy-going. The main extra (Stacey) was also very professional and easy to work with. Similar to our other music video shoots, we had a specific criterion when we were casting extras. Being specific certainly have its challenges, but we got really lucky with this shoot and worked with the best extras! Everyone had great attitudes going in and out of the shoot.

  3. Lighting: This time around I experimented with my lighting techniques. Since the overall mood of the dancer was dark and lonely, I filmed in darker settings to amplify those moods. As the music video progressed, I made the lighting brighter towards the end as the dancer showcased the rawness of her emotions so that we could see it all clearly.

  4. Location Set-Up: When filming music videos, it’s important to communicate with the team about how a location should be set up. For instance, should the location be pristine? Should it be messy? Similar to our other video shoots, set-up did not take long at all. All the locations were already set up before we arrived which is always a major win! Melissa from Sage The Beauty Bar and Sean from 9 Mile were very accommodating and let us move things around when we set up our own video equipment.

“When The Music Stops” music video still

“When The Music Stops” music video still

“When The Music Stops” music video still


I’m very proud of the overall result of this music video. This was my second time filming a dancer, and it was amazing to witness the artist (Ginelle) and the dancer (Carolyn) express their art in their own way. Thank you so much to everyone involved - there’s too many to list but you all know who you are! It’s always a pleasure working with Ginelle, and we look forward to working with her on future projects!

Purchase “When The Music Stops” by Ginelle James on iTunes by clicking here or by clicking on the photo below:

Click on the photo to purchase Ginelle James’ song, “When The Music Stops” on iTunes!!

Click on the photo to purchase Ginelle James’ song, “When The Music Stops” on iTunes!!


Song written by Ginelle James
Music video filmed, directed and produced by Andrea at Nolita Studios
Photography in blog post: Nolita Studios
Key Makeup Artist: Melissa Wyant-Taylor from Sage The Beauty Bar
Hair stylists: Brandee Friesen and Kim at Sage The Beauty Bar
Locations: Sage The Beauty Bar and 9 Mile Legacy
Choreographer: Karrie-Ann at Pure Energy Dance Co.
Dancer/Actress: Carolyn McDonald
Lead Actress: Stacey Higgins
Background Extras: BK, DW & JW

Thanks for checking out the overall process of the filming of “When The Music Stops”! Check out the full music video below.