Music VIDEO Questionnaire

No two music videos are the same... to help us assist you better, please take the time to answer the following questions :)

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Project Details
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Whether we can or can't listen to the song online, please upload the song file (mp3 or WAV, preferably WAV) at the bottom of this questionnaire.
We work closely with our clients to ensure that we're all on the same page with everyone's ideas. Here are some questions that can help you get started: -Do you want your music video filmed in Saskatoon? If not, please let us know where you'd like your music video to be filmed (yes, we travel!). -Do you want us to think of the entire concept of the music video? -Are you open to ideas? -Do you have locations in mind? -Reference some music videos you'd like your music video to look similar to.
Please note: depending on your release date, our turnaround time for music videos is 30-45 days.
All fees and services are subject to provincial (6%) and federal taxes (5%).
Wearing makeup is important when being filmed on camera. If you don't have access to a make-up artist, we work with plenty of make-up artists who can help you!
We have a team of hair gurus who can help you if you don't have access to a hair stylist!

Send all mp3 and/or WAV (preferably WAV) files to andrea (at)

NOTE: Once we've received your questionnaire, we will send you a follow up e-mail that includes our pricing details. Thank you so much!